Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Retired Major General Dennis Laich, AUS Laich had a distinguished 35-year career in the Army Reserve, 14 of which were spent in various command positions, the last as commander of the 94 th Regional Readiness Command in Ft. Devens, MA. His business career began in 1972 with Corning Glass Works and included positions with LTV Steel and Navistar International.

Laich holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Lafayette College, and master’s degrees from West Virginia University and St. Francis College in Business Administration and Labor Relations. He completed postgraduate studies at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and is a graduate of the Army War College.

He is currently serving as Ohio Dominican’s PATRIOTS Program Director. General Laich is the University’s support liaison for veterans applying for the PATRIOTS program, providing one-on-one assistance and linking them with resources they need to meet their educational goals.


  1. thanks for the perspective.. very perspecacious i might add!!!! {see i do know more than one big word}!!! cu next thurs if not before...

  2. Greetings General, I would like to speak to you about your letter to editor concerning the Franklin County Veterans Office. Thank you David M Jenkinson

  3. Saw you on Taking the Hill today on MSNBC. I've long been an advocate of bringing back the draft. You're right to state that far too many of our poorest men and women enter the military service. This should not be the case when there are plenty of middle and upper class people who skirt military duty.They should not be exempt.

    A future draft would not exempt anyone whether by special waivers,, who one knows, or any other reason besides a severe medical condition which would prevent a person from performing military duty.

    Three generations of my family have served, my dad in the US Navy during WWII, my brother and I were US Army, and my daughter was US Air Force. We all joined.

    With the exception of my daughter, my dad, myself and brother were not born in the USA. All of us were proud to serve honorably. I was pleased to serve under some of best military men during my 3 years. We owe much to America. We were considered poor when we got here.

    Bring back the draft because our current volunteer service is not fair to the American people. This situation needs to be righted!

    Thank you for your service to our country. I support your endeavors to do make it right.

    1. A Republic that doesn't support its troops shouldn't force its citizens to serve in the military unless it is in time of national emergency, and even then, as was demonstrated after 9/11, there was NO need! I have predicted the draft for some time now, but that's because people are growing more aware of the duplicitous and undependable relationship between this government and those defending it, ergo fewer and fewer numbers of patriotic Americans are being persuaded to join a force that has become a proving ground for social engineering and pawns in political exercises (women's rights, disease control, homosexual advocacy, anti-Christian treatment, and Muslim advancement) .

  4. General, I have always said the character of the Services changed when the contractor was brought in to do K P. I'm for Compulsory National Service, be it military, Peace Corps, Vista, Teach for America, an Elderly Corps or Energy Corps, whatever...everyone doing a little pay back for two years between 18 and 26. There are a number of options so no one has to run off to Canada, the 1% get to peel spuds with the 99% and we all find out we are pretty much the same I proposed this to most of the 2008 candidates and that word "compulsory" was a sticking point. I've not read your book yet but am ordering it and look forward to your suggestions. I am 86 and the widow of a retired 21 yr veteran of the Bulge, Korea and the Nevada desert.

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