Thursday, October 21, 2010

Audit Casts Bad Light On Board, Military

[Letter to the Editor, Columbus Dispatch, October 21st, 2010]

As a retired senior military officer, I was angered and embarrassed by the results of the audit of the Franklin County Veterans Service Commission (Dispatch article, Oct. 1). I am angered because deserving veterans and their families are being poorly served or not being served at all — one in six Franklin County veterans goes to other counties for services.

I am embarrassed because the audit results reflect negatively on the U.S. military.

At best, the results reflect incompetence and self-serving on the part of the executive director and the board members, resulting in a loss of confidence by taxpayers, commission employees and, most important, veterans and their families in Franklin County.

At worst, they represent criminality and malfeasance. Given this gross dereliction of duty by the executive director and the board of directors, I strongly call on them to act honorably and resign immediately.

U.S. Army, retired

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  1. I wonder if this is an isolated case or if it is occurring nationwide? (Ha-Ha with tongue in cheek)